What We Do
– Registered political lobbying and engagement
– Strategic advisory group specialising in Federal and Western Australian matters
– Public relations, data analysis and business case strategies

About Us
Data on Demand is backed by Justin Lazic, a registered Federal and WA political lobbyist with significant experience in Australian public affairs, particularly in Western Australia. Based in Canberra, DOD offers strategic advice and communications strategies for organisations requiring engagement with Federal matters, such as grants, approvals, licensing and public policy outcomes.

Why Us?
With Justin and DOD, your business can present its objectives within the Federal political environment in a legal and regulated way, as covered by the Commonwealth’s Lobbying Code of Conduct.  Data on Demand is also registered in Western Australia and is covered by WA’s Code of Conduct in that jurisdiction.

Justin specialises in the advocacy of Western Australian matters, recognising the unique role that WA plays within federation and the contribution its businesses make to Australian GDP, especially the mid-tier industrial level.

By using a registered lobbyist, your organisation can concentrate on its core business whilst enabling representation at Commonwealth and State level, which is expecially useful for those companies requiring engagement of this type for the first time.

Telephone Justin directly on 02 5136 0750, or email justin@dataondemand.com.au to discuss your requirements.